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What People Are Saying:

Thanks for your ARE 5.0 videos, they are helpful and encouraging, I am in the process of studying for my first exam and have watched several of your videos (most recently the PcM video.)  You do an excellent job on the videos, you communicate very well, you would definitely be a good teacher if you were ever to teach a class like you talked about in the PcM video (I think that was the video.)  I could go on and share more specifics but I told you I’d keep this short! 


Hello Bryn , really loved your video. I’m an architecture student graduating soon, After watching your video I’m super ready to schedule my first exam. Thank you for your video it really help just to get started and get it done.

Albelly Denisse Mañon Fortunato

Thank you for this! I’m half way thru (finished the pro practice tests) and your channel is really helping me get motivated to finish 🤗 This process SUCKS but we can ALL do it!

Maria Welch

There are so many things I can relate to in this video. The let down of failing an exam, the time frame it takes to actually schedule the next one once you fail, and my heart pounding after I hit the “end exam, see results” button lol. This was a great recap of the process. I’m done with PA, PPD, and PDD so far and it’s been a rewarding challenge. Congrats on your success!

Ryan Evers

I was on YouTube and I saw your video, How to Get Through the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). Let me start by saying thank you.  You have no idea how much your video has encouraged me. I am about to start taking my exams and my thought is to take my exams in the same order.

Ted Moore Jr.

Your content has been so helpful!

Ama B

Thanks SO much. This video truly feels as God sent. I just took my 4th exam last Monday and it was the first one I failed. What a bummer. I really appreciate your words of encouragement. Makes total sense!!!!

Hugo Javier Carrion Berru

I can't stress this enough; Bryn is your number 2 cheerleader. Lean on her, she's rooting for you hard. I cannot thank her enough, cause she really pulled me through. With that being said, YOU'RE YOUR NUMBER 1 CHEERLEADER! You HAVE to cheer for yourself. I never was this person. I never bet on myself. But through out this course I forced myself to, even when I didn't believe in myself or the nice things I was saying. I made myself cheer loudly for myself, and I'm so juiced and energized about it. I listened to the affirmations Bryn laid out for us even when I struggled to say them. I recorded my own and listened to them while I walked my dog. Do it guys, you won't regret it.


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