To the emerging professional who knows you're ready for a proven system. The only program that shows you the 4 essential ingredients you NEED to:

PASS the ARE® 5.0 and become a Licensed Architect

Discover the blueprint that's changing people's lives and helping them PASS the ARE® 5.0 with ease

The 8-week program will transform your exam process.

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Why the Architecture Exams Feel So Monumental:

  • The Weight of Dreams: You know the prestige, freedom, and career progression of being a licensed architect. It's not just a title; it's the FINAL destination for your years (decades?) of hard work.

  • A Vision of Your Future: You see yourself excelling, being recognized, and stepping into a new phase of your professional journey. And that vision is clear and compelling, yet sometimes feels unattainable.

  • The Roadblock of Exams: In your path stands just ONE thing – the exams. They're not just tests; they symbolize the hurdle between you and your destined role as a Licensed Architect.

  • The Pressure: With such a vivid picture of what's at stake, the pressure to succeed is immense. Every setback isn't just a delay; it feels like a dent in your dreams.

Does this sound like you?

Every time you get ready to study, a whirlwind of thoughts clouds your focus:

  • "There's not enough time in the day. How am I supposed to get it all done?"

  • "I'm wasting my time on info I won't even see on the exam, so what's the point?"

  • "I've failed before. How can I be sure I'm on the right track now?"
  • "The knowledge is there, but the results aren't. What's missing?"
  • "It feels like I'm behind, taking longer than I should on this journey."
  • "Am I just lost in irrelevant details that won't even feature in the exam?"
  • "I miss moments with loved ones, and the work-life balance feels skewed."
  • "Between work and constant studying, is there any 'me-time' left?"
You're smart. You're talented. You know you KNOW this information.

So how do you take all the work you've done and translate it into a passed exam?

Picture This Future for Yourself:

🌟 Breaking the Jinx: Like Frederick, you're celebrating consecutive PASSES after enduring two years of stumbling through the same exam.

🌟 Radiating Confidence: Alejandra walked into her exam with a calm assurance. Envision yourself with the same composed confidence.

🌟 Peaceful Nights: No more sleep disruptions and pre-exam anxiety. Sleep soundly and peacefully, fully recharged for the challenge ahead, just as Shikha did.

🌟 Conquering Persistent Challenges: Think of that one persistent exam that's always been a thorn in your side. Like Abby, imagine triumphing over it.

🌟 Achieving Your Dream Title: Join the ranks of our many members who've transformed their struggles into success stories, proudly calling themselves Licensed Architects.

🌟 Reclaiming Your Time: Bask in the joy of quality moments with loved ones, without the shadow of pending exams hanging over you.

🌟 Professional Milestones: Picture the moment you confidently tell your boss about your new licensure, setting the stage for career growth.

🌟 Pride in Introduction: The next time someone asks about your profession, visualize the pride in saying, "I'm an Architect."

Now, hold onto that vision because that future is closer than you think.

Hello, I'm Bryn Young!

My journey with the Architect Registration Exam (ARE® 5.0) wasn't a walk in the park. In fact, it was a struggle. Just like many of you, I faced moments of doubt, challenges, and the looming fear of not becoming a licensed architect. But instead of letting these setbacks define my journey, I decided to redefine the game.

My battle with the ARE transformed into a systematic approach, designed to tackle each challenge head-on. And guess what? This very system has since empowered hundreds of 'architects in training' to approach their exams with newfound confidence and determination.

The real game-changer? Realizing that I had the power to shape my destiny. This revelation fast-tracked my exam success, and now, I've made it my life's mission to guide others towards that same triumphant moment.

Drawing from my personal experiences — the highs, the lows, and everything in between — I’m here to show you the ropes. Let's navigate the path to licensure together, ensuring you not only study efficiently but also find joy in the journey.

Now is your time

Become the Licensed Architect you're meant to be!

Throughout my early years as an architect, I was repeatedly questioned about my ARE® (Architect Registration Exam) journey - specifically, how I coped with failing. Why? Because I chose not to shy away from the genuine struggles we face in achieving this milestone.

Sure, there are the “ARE Unicorns” – those rare souls who sail through exams effortlessly. But they’re the outliers. With an average pass rate teetering around 50%, most of us will face at least one setback.

And here’s what many don’t realize: As emerging architects, we're conditioned for excellence. From relentless studio nights to our unyielding passion, we’re wired to succeed. So, when “FAIL” flashes on that screen, it hits differently. It stings. It can halt our journey and even extinguish our fire.

After my initial setback, it took me four painstaking months to muster the courage for another attempt. I even toyed with the idea of surrendering my dreams. But that's not where my story ends. Instead, it's where my transformation began. I delved deep, researched, and unearthed the strategy not just to pass but to thrive and relish the journey.

Today, I'm handing you the blueprint – the tools that aren’t in your NCARB manual. It’s designed to guide you to success, to that moment when you can proudly proclaim, “I am an Architect!”

Your journey isn't marked by the titles of 'designer' or 'draftsman'. You are destined for so much more.

Happy Studying,

Bryn Young, Lic#C38813 AIA | NCARB

You are meant to be a Licensed Architect!

I'm ready!

Common ARE® Challenges.

Do you struggle with:

Time and Commitment:

  • Battling to squeeze in study hours?
  • Feeling isolated without study partners?

Information Retention:

  • Spending countless hours studying, but the content just doesn't stick?
  • Revisiting the same topics, yet still feeling unprepared?

Mindset Challenges:

  • Overcoming the mental blocks that make you second-guess your knowledge?
  • Nervous jitters when you encounter unfamiliar exam content?

Exam Environment:

  • Distracted by the energy of the exam room?
  • Over-analyzing questions on the day, losing precious time?

Studying Efficiently:

  • Searching for an engaging study system?
  • Longing for someone to clarify doubts, answer questions, or just be there for support?

Intrinsic Doubts:

  • Feeling you've never been a good test-taker?
  • Fearing you won't remember everything you've learned?
  • Questioning if the exams are even worth the investment of time and money?

You're Not Alone.

If even one of these challenges rings true for you, know this: Mind Over ARE was meticulously crafted with YOU in mind.
YES, this is me!
It's time to

Try Something Different

Have you ever poured hours into studying, only to be greeted by that dreaded "FAIL" on the screen? If so, you're not alone. But what if I told you the solution isn't simply to study harder?

Many believe that acquiring more resources or putting in longer study hours is the key. Yet, despite having shelves full of resources, countless candidates still find themselves struggling. The real issue isn't the lack of resources or dedication — it's the absence of an effective strategy.

Think about it. At this point, you've likely amassed all the study materials you need. The missing piece? A framework that caters to your unique learning style, one that ensures information retention and banishes exam-day fears.

Enter Mind Over ARE.

Here, we won't just throw more resources at you. Instead, we'll introduce you to a tailored, four-step blueprint crafted to overhaul your exam approach, empowering you to tackle your remaining exams with confidence.

The Four Pillars to ARE® Mastery!

Every exam strategy requires these fundamental components if your goal is to proudly wear the title of a 'Licensed Architect'.

Discover how to:

✨ Eliminate the haze of confusion

✨ Banish the burden of stress

✨ Approach your final exams with exhilaration and anticipation.

Here's where I pull back the curtain and unveil how Mind Over ARE is your blueprint to success!


"The best thing that could have happened to me in my ARE journey! I have enrolled in other courses with other providers, but this experience with Bryn and her team has been TRULY transforming.

I say this without any reservations, that Bryn has thoughtfully created this platform to support and encourage people like me who have faced setbacks and are unsure of how to proceed further. She REALLY cares and is such a wonderful soul! She is your friend, your mentor, and your confidant. Whereas other courses just tell you to “get over it”, this program teaches you how to overcome your fears and apprehensions which are an inevitable part of sitting for these exams.

All of us can go over the material to study but it’s the community that is essential, after all we are social beings. I would recommend and shout it from the mountain top any day that MIND OVER ARE is totally worth it!"

- Kim S.

"This course is about you not about NCARB or passing exams, I would study for the exams have a good foundation of the information you need to know and use MOA to increase your efficiency and effectiveness."

- MOA Member

"This in not your typical ARE study group - it is a support system. You learn your best way to study and preps you to get better at it."

- MOA Member

"Take it! I have recommended this course to my study partners who have taken the ARE multiple times and have issues with their mindset."

- MOA Member 


Mind Over ARE

Here is the tried, tested, & proven blueprint to passing the ARE® and becoming a Licensed Architect:

Step 1

Empowerment Through Insight: Discover techniques to activate and harness long-term memory. No more fleeting moments of understanding; this is about crystal-clear recall under pressure.

  • Develop a life-altering habit that's like a secret weapon – not just for the exam, but in every professional challenge you'll face.
  • Chosen by many of our alumni as the moment their trajectory towards passing their exams truly began!

Step 2

The Art of Precision: Transition from aimless hours with books to focused, high-yield study sessions. It's not about more hours; it's about making every minute count (think quality over quantity).

  • Discover the exact tweaks in your routine that past students credit with transforming their exam experiences.
  • Equip yourself with a sustainable study rhythm, balancing dedication with well-being.

Step 3

Tactical Excellence: Move beyond rote memorization to strategic understanding. It's the difference between reading a map and navigating a journey.

  • Address and conquer the deep-seated fears that hold many back, using techniques only a select few know.
  • Experience firsthand why so many of our students cite this as their game-changer!

Step 4

Unshakeable Belief: Take your next exam with confidence that doesn't waver at the first sight of an unknown question. This is about walking into that exam room with an aura of invincibility.

  • Dive into daily rituals that not only prepare you for exams but also for client meetings, project pitches, and more.
  • Master the craft of focused concentration and unlock the age-old secret of passing exams without second-guessing yourself!
I'm Ready for Mind Over ARE!

You're also getting:

Monthly Coaching Sessions w/ Bryn

Value: $997

Need clarity during your MOA journey? Connect directly with Bryn in these sessions, ask questions, and gain insights to propel your exam preparation forward.

8 16 LIVE 60-minute Study Group Sessions 

(8 Weeks: Pro-Practice & Technical Exams)

Value: $1,497

Every week features a Pro-Practice and a Technical Exam session tailored for your success and led by MOA Coaches, both MOA Alumni and Licensed Architects. Many members attend both for comprehensive prep. Join and elevate your study experience with peers!

Exclusive Audio Downloads

Value: $497

Discover transformative audios, from meditations and affirmations to hypnoses, all tailored to rewire your subconscious and make exam success feel second nature.

4 Transformational Workbooks

Value: $197

Every module comes with a hands-on workbook, bridging the gap between course content and real-world application. Here, knowledge meets action, and your transformation takes root.

ARE® Notes + Questions

Value: $297

Get a peek into Bryn's personal exam notes! Plus, tackle exam-centric questions and answers to refine your preparation.

Positive Community


Surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded individuals. Revel in mutual encouragement, share your journey, and let the collective enthusiasm fuel your progress.

BONUS: All members receive lifetime access to the core content and the alumni community group, ensuring ongoing support and resources as you journey toward becoming a licensed architect!

These premium inclusions are designed to address every challenge and concern you might have. From tangible resources like notes and workbooks to the intangible benefits of community and mindset transformation, MOA ensures you're equipped from all angles.

Unlock These Benefits Now!

Real Results, Real Members:

Their Success Stories could be yours
"Hi Bryn, I am DONE!!

I finally passed my last exam yesterday so I'm still flying high with excitement and disbelief that I did it!!!

My last one PDD was definitely my hardest was arduous.

When thoughts would pop up of failing during the exam I would be reminded of "This is just another day going over the material - Your mind is a library" affirmations. 

I did your hypnosis daily, absolutely every day, without a doubt.  It helped me stay calm, focused, and especially ease my anxiety 

Thank you for putting the course together.  There is no product out there that truly dives deep into the mental toll these exams have on people.  I am sad I didn't get to do the guided course, but so happy you had the self-guided available.  Working through the worksheets was crucial, critical and a journey of self discovery.   

Now onto the next big goal!  Building my business :)

With gratitude,

- A.G.

"This course not only helped me get through the fear of the exams and failing, but it has affected the way I approach any obstacle in my life."

- MOA Member

"If you're not sure about how to study or how to get out of the fear of failure, you should check this course out."

- MOA Member

"If you're having a hard time mentally trying to overcome or prepare, this is the course for you."

- MOA Membe

Why Mind Over ARE Stands Apart:

  • Personalized Approach: We recognize that one size doesn't fit all. MOA empowers you to harness your unique study and exam-taking strengths, moving away from generic plans to strategies tailored just for you.
  • Consistency without Burnout: Dive into curated strategies that not only help maintain a steady study rhythm but also ensure you stay refreshed and enthusiastic throughout.
  • Designed for Seasoned Candidates: You're not a novice; you know the terrain of the ARE®. You've witnessed the exam setting, accumulated ample resources, yet, the success eludes you. MOA is crafted especially for candidates like you. Our goal? To give you that final, decisive push towards securing your architect license!


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What You Get:

  • Full Access to the ABC Club: Dive into a comprehensive suite of resources tailored to all learning styles.
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Concerned about the costs of your architectural exams? Worry no more! With our exclusive eBook, "Maximizing Financial Success for Your Exams + Beyond," you'll discover insider tips and strategies not just to save money, but also to increase your earnings while you study.

What’s Inside:

  • Cost-Saving Techniques: Learn how to significantly reduce expenses related to your exams.
  • Income-Boosting Strategies: Explore practical ways to enhance your earnings during your exam preparation period.
  • Securing Sponsorships: Uncover the secrets to obtaining sponsorships that can cover your exam fees.

This powerful resource is all about empowering you financially, ensuring that money is no longer a barrier to your success.

Value: $97

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Exclusive Bonus: "Time Hacking for the ARE®" Playbook

Master Your Time, Master Your Exams

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your study schedule? Discover the power of effective time management with our "Time Hacking for the ARE®" playbook. Tailored specifically for ARE® candidates, this guide is your key to unlocking a more efficient and productive daily routine.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Efficiency Strategies: Implement proven techniques to enhance your study efficiency, allowing you to cover more material in less time.
  • Routine Optimization: Learn how to fine-tune your daily routine to eliminate wasted time and focus deeply on your exam preparation.
  • Maximized Productivity: Gain insights into tools and tactics that help you stay energized and productive, even on your busiest days.

This bonus is designed to help you reclaim your time and use it to its fullest potential, ensuring you advance toward your goal of passing the ARE® without feeling stretched thin.

Value: $97

Grab this playbook now and transform the way you manage your time, making every minute count towards your success in the ARE®.


Will you be the next success story?

See how Mind Over ARE is changing real lives:

I'm ready for results like this!

Mind Over ARE

Dive into the tools essential for effective and efficient exam mastery!

Select your investment options below and embark on your transformative journey:

Mind Over ARE | MOA




8 Week Program

  • Core Training Modules ($997 value)
  • Weekly Implementation Workbook ($197 value)
  • 16 LIVE Weekly Study Groups: Pro-Practice & Technical Focus ($1497 value)
  • LIVE Monthly Coaching w/ Bryn ($997 value)
  • Access to our team of Coaches + Peer Support in our Private Community (Priceless)


  • Exclusive audios ($497 value)
  • ARE notes and practice questions ($297 value)
  • The ABC Club: 2-months FREE + MOA-only membership options ($114 value) 
  • Time Hacking for the ARE® ($97 value)
  • Financial Success in Architecture Masterclass ($97 value)


  • 1:1 "Lifeline" Call x2 ($950 total)
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8 Week Program

  • Core Training Modules ($997 value)
  • Weekly Implementation Workbook ($197 value)
  • 16 LIVE Weekly Study Groups: Pro-Practice & Technical Focus ($1497 value)
  • LIVE Monthly Coaching w/ Bryn ($997 value)
  • Access to our team of Coaches + Peer Support in our Private Community (Priceless)


  • Exclusive audios ($497 value)
  • ARE notes and practice questions ($297 value)
  • The ABC Club: 2-months FREE + MOA-only membership options ($114 value) 
  • Time Hacking for the ARE® ($97 value)
  • Financial Success in Architecture Masterclass ($97 value)


  • 1:1 "Lifeline" Call x2 ($950 total)
  • ABC Club Membership ONE YEAR access (annual membership: $570 value)
  • PASS the ARE® Guarantee! ($297 total)

Single Investment of $1,497

(Total value: $6,404)


100% Commitment. 0% Risk. Our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

I know that investing in your future can be a big decision. I’m also fully confident that the VALUE this program will bring to your business far outweighs the price of the program. However, I get that it may still feel daunting to spend your hard-earned cash before you see the inside of the program. For that reason, I offer a 30-day no-risk refund policy.

Join Mind Over ARE today and if you don’t feel you’ve received value from the program, just send us an email and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.


"This course not only helped me get through the fear of the exams and failing, but it has affected the way I approach any obstacle in my life. I have always felt like I was alone, and listening to people feel the exact same way I did was extremely eye opening and reassuring."

Alejandra C.

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