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Become a California Licensed Architect with VISE: Visual Illustrations for the Supplemental Exam

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Introducing VISE: The Revolutionary Visual Guide for the CSE

Unlock Your Path to Licensure with the Power of Visualization

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Why Choose VISE to Pass the CSE?

Unlike any other CSE test prep, VISE (Visual Insights for the Supplemental Exam) is the first-of-its-kind visual study guide designed exclusively for the California Supplemental Exam (CSE).

After years of meticulous development, we're excited to unveil a tool that transforms your study experience, making it more engaging, effective, and enjoyable.

What Makes VISE Unique?

Here at BYoung Design, we like to challenge the boring, monotonous way we're taught architectural concepts. CSE test prep was MAJORLY lacking in anything actually exciting to look at, which is exactly why this resource was developed.

  • Innovative Learning: Weave together complex concepts with vibrant infographics, mind maps, and visual aids that enhance memory retention.
  • Compelling Content: From environmental regulations to agency responsibilities, VISE allows you to visualize the typically dry and monotonous knowledge statements, ensuring you're well-prepared for your exam.
  • Engaging and Interactive: Say goodbye to just textbook study sessions. VISE makes learning enjoyable, weaving playfulness into your preparation.

VISE: Visual Illustrations for the Supplemental Exam


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  • Engaging graphics
  • Enjoy studying
  • Retain complicated information
  • PASS the CSE
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I'm Bryn Young

After struggling to get through my licensing exams, I decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to become a licensed architect turned into a system that has helped hundreds of "architects in training" confidently show up and pass their exams! 

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you to become licensed architects. I’ll show you how to study effectively, create a plan that works, and enjoy the journey to licensure.