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Are you tired of dreading the ARE®?

Do you dream of finally becoming a Licensed Architect?

Imagine a year from now, achieving passing your very last exam with ease and confidence. With The ABC Club, it's not just possible—it's expected.

Remember those big, fun activity books from when you were a kid?

The ones with crosswords, connect the dots, coloring pages, and they even helped you learn math and spelling?

Picture a Kindergarten learning book.

Now, imagine something just as fun, but for the ARE®! An adult version of the kid's learning book. 

That's what the ABC Club is like. It combines those cool activity book exercises with engaging videos and podcasts.

It's all about making learning for your architecture exams enjoyable and effective.

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Enjoy the process!

Imagine this...

It's 10 pm, you've had a long day, and now it's time to study for your architecture exam. You've promised yourself at least 30 minutes of study each day to pass and become a licensed architect.

But staring at a boring textbook? No thanks. And those “fun” audio lectures? They're not so fun when you're tired.

What if, instead, you could relax with some coloring?

Or solve a crossword puzzle?

Maybe do a word search?

Or even just sit back and listen to a podcast episode – and all this while you're actually studying!

Welcome to the ABC Club!

Inside the club, we mix the playful Activity Book for Architects with awesome videos and podcast episodes. It's a fresh way to help your brain learn and remember content so you can PASS your exams – and actually enjoy it.

Studying for architecture exams doesn't have to be dull.

When your day's done and your brain's tired, but you still want to hit those study goals, the ABC Club is your go-to. Fun, engaging, effective – that's how we do it.


"I just purchased the book and I love it! I told all my classmates about it. Thank you. It is honestly a fresh and different way to study for the ARE. I'm a very visual person so I really really appreciate your work."

Shernise R.

"That activity book is genius!"


"The ABC Club is a happy study club where I just forget [I'm] studying for a hard test. The ABC club is, for me, a busy professional embarked on a fun journey to get licensed."


"Omgggg!! This book is incredible! It's exactly what I needed. Is just simple and fun and you're studying. I love it!"


"I love learning by doing and DOING activities to understand the material was awesome."


"It’s a great study material for a quick hit or when your brain is burnt out on reading / practice exams."


"Made studying fun, Helped retain the information, Helped learn the info in a new way."

Sarah B.

"Just made my purchase and I'm super excited!!"


I'm Bryn Young

After struggling to get through the Architect Registration Exam (ARE 5.0), I decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to conquer the exams and become a licensed architect turned into a system that has helped hundreds of "architects in training" confidently show up and pass their exams! 

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you to become licensed architects. I’ll show you how to study effectively, create a plan that works, and enjoy the journey to licensure.

Architectural Success with

The ABC Club!

Like many aspiring architects, you’ve probably experienced procrastination, are too busy to study, or have asked yourself, "Is this even worth it?"

You feel stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure about what to do next. You're not alone.

The problem isn’t your willpower or your schedule, it’s that you haven’t had access to the right tools and community—until now."

If you're tired of boring study sessions that feel like endless chores like I did, The ABC Club is for you.

Our groundbreaking membership combines the fun of an activity book with engaging videos, podcasts, TLDR reference sheets, and more to make your study time a little bit more enjoyable. Get ready to turn those dull study sessions into a journey of discovery.

Forget those tedious textbooks and snooze-worthy audio lectures. Our approach is all about bringing joy, creativity, and playfulness into your exam prep. Remember how fun puzzles, coloring, and connecting the dots were when you were young? Now, you'll experience that same excitement while easily learning complex architectural concepts.

We can all benefit from bringing out our inner child's playfulness!

Every month, The ABC Club brings you new content, keeping you up-to-date with the latest exam requirements and industry trends. Our unique mix of worksheets, activities, and "mindful minutes" sharpens your knowledge, builds problem-solving skills, and keeps your mind focused and calm. We believe studying can be fun and rewarding, not boring or overwhelming!

With ABC Club, studying becomes simpler, more creative, and definitely more fun. Join us in redefining architectural learning, ensuring you pass your exams while actually enjoying the process.

Join today and step into a new era of architectural success!

Ignite Your Architectural Journey with

The ABC Club

Not your average membership or activity book. It's a game-changer in the world of ARE® prep. Our unique blend of interactive learning and comprehensive resources will transform your studying experience.

Each month, we bring you new worksheets, cool activities, and our unique "mindful minutes." Covering various concepts you need for your exams, we keep you up-to-date and ready for anything.

What makes us special? It's not just about books or dry concepts. It's about our awesome community of future architects. Join, share, and grow with others who are just like you.

Ready for a fun way to study? Join the ABC Club and start a new chapter in your ARE® journey today!

What is it worth to:

  • Stay consistent with your study plan
  • Learn the information in a fun, interactive way
  • Mix up HOW you’re studying so you RETAIN the information
  • PASS your exams

The Activity Book for Architects

Monthly Membership


Monthly Flexibility

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  • Fresh monthly content: worksheets, videos, and podcasts (value: $97/month)
  • Exclusive "Mindful Minute" activities for exam success (value: $22/month)
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  • Dynamic learning experience with diverse formats
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  • Additional ARE® resources

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Easy, Affordable, No Strings Attached!

Joining the ABC Club is like getting a powerhouse of architectural knowledge for less than the cost of a weekly coffee run. For just $57 a month – that's about the price of a single meal out – you unlock a world of learning that fits your life and your budget.

And the best part? There's no commitment.

It's a low-cost, high-value deal with no strings attached. You can join when you want and leave when you need to, no questions asked. Our aim is to make your journey to becoming a licensed architect as easy and accessible as possible.

Think about it: For less than the cost of two coffees a week, you're not just preparing for an exam – you're building a career. You're investing in a future where you're not just an architect, but a confident, well-prepared professional ready to take on the world.