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67% of aspiring architects are overwhelmed by the Architect Registration Exams

The Ultimate Study Plan shows you HOW and WHAT to study so you can ENJOY life even while taking your exams!

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Create Your Ultimate Study Plan today and PASS your exams!

In the Ultimate Study Plan course you are going to learn:

  • How much you should be studying

  • How to determine if you're studying enough

  • What the ideal study timeline looks like

  • How to optimize your studying specifically for you so it's efficient and balanced
  • How to create a plan you can stick to so you stay consistent and pass your exams faster
  • PLUS: a detailed 6-week study plan that you can get started on right away.

Yes, It Really Is Possible to Enjoy the Journey!

In the Ultimate Study Plan, you’ll learn how to create the plan that works specifically for YOU.

"I purchased the study plan and it is so helpful. I needed something that gave me a little bit of structure and confidence with what I am studying, so I am very thankful for it."

Francia Salazar

In The Next 6 weeks, You Could…

  • Know exactly what to study without wasting your time
  • Never read a textbook cover to cover because you know what chapters to focus on
  • Stop wasting your money on resources you don't need
  • PASS an exam
  • Become a Licensed Architect
  • Elevate your role in your profession

The right plan can make all the difference. Stop trying to figure it all out on your own. Use the Ultimate Study Plan to take out all the guesswork.


What You Get Inside the Ultimate Study Plan

  • 24/7 Lifetime Access That's right, no monthly fees required 
  • Step-by-step training on how to develop your ideal study plan
  • Customizable study planner
  • Workbook to put everything you learn into practice
  • Custom 6-week study plan for every division with resource list
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The Ultimate Study Plan Dashboard

The Ultimate Study Plan Dashboard is a completely customizable, interactive planner designed to help you make the most effective study plan ever. This dashboard will allow you to:

  • Break down your plan from the big picture to individual daily tasks
  • Customize your schedule with specific dates and reminders
  • Stay on track and easily reach your goals

You’ll have lifetime access to this tool, which you can duplicate and use over and over.


6-Week Study Plan for each division

The Ultimate Study Plan includes a custom week-by-week guide so you know exactly what to study and when.

The study plan breaks out each resource, so you know what chapters to read, and what to focus on. The study plan will allow you to:

  • Focus on the important parts of the resources so you're not wasting your time mindlessly reading.
  • Save money on endless resources and instead narrow it down to what is essential
  • Have a clear vision of what to do next so you're never confused

The custom weekly study plan is designed so you can efficiently move through the study process to pass your exams quicker!


The secret to passing in only 6 weeks

Here are the fundamentals of a successful study plan. Learn the steps you need to start taking action immediately to pass your next exam.

You'll leave knowing exactly:

  • How much you should be studying
  • How to create a plan that provides a healthy study-life balance
  • The ideal exam timeline

You’ll finish this module with a complete study plan so you pass your next exam with confidence.


Learn what Licensed Architects do to PASS

With your exam goals clear and organized, the next step is to build a schedule that sets you up for success.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to pace your studying so you pass your exams

  • Time management skills that lead to the results you want

  • Learn a new way to think about time

  • Develop strategies that actually create more time in your schedule

You’ll finish this course with a study plan that you feel good about and excited to move forward with.


Discover why studying every day is actually sabotaging your process!

There are ways you can optimize your schedule so you're getting the most done when you are energized and allowing yourself to rest when you need it. Learning how to understand your specific energy cycles allows you to create a schedule that is effective. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The different cycles and how they affect your energy

  • How to optimize your schedule based on your energy cycles

  • A new system that teaches you how to rest without feeling any guilt

You’ll finish this lesson with your ultimate study plan designed to help you pass your exams without burning out!

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"I thought I couldn't do it because I have a toddler and want more kids, but your videos help me realize I can have the best of both worlds."

- Salee A.

"The real question that nobody talks about…. How many hours a day [do] you dedicate to study…considering that eventually, I will have to balance work and study."

- Ana S.

"Thank you...I appreciate what you do for the profession and encourage us, moms, [who are] trying to get licensed!"

- Eliana M. 

Don't ignore having a proper Study Plan...

  • The average time to complete the AREs is 2.1 years
  • With a proper study plan, you can pass the exams sooner and with fewer fails
  • Promotions and salary increases come with licensure
  • Exam candidates report their biggest struggle is time management and effective study strategies. A proper plan erases these struggles.
  • No more feeling obligated to study 24/7. Now you study when it's effective and rest when needed.
  • Save time by retaining the information instead of re-reading the same thing over and over.
  • You can't put life on hold anymore to take the exams. Pass your exams AND gain back your free time.

The Ultimate Study Plan


The mistake most people make is they think the "do-it-yourself" route is cheaper. What they don't consider is how slow and ineffective that can be. 

Or worse...

...the costs associated with every failed exam or countless long nights of ineffective studying. NCARB will gladly take your money, and they don't have a refund policy.

If you're like me, you want to take advantage of an effective study plan without having to reinvent the wheel or waste your time (and money!) on ineffective studying. The only solution is to create a completely customizable study plan tailored SPECIFICALLY to you. These are the exact tools you get inside the Ultimate Study Plan.

You can start developing your plan as soon as today for just $297! That is just a few dollars more than the price of ONE exam. 

Plus, I have a 14-day no-questions-asked Money-Back GUARANTEE!

Single Study Plan Only


Individual Study Plans

  • Single division study plan download
  • Resources, tips, and weekly study plan for your specific exam division


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All 6 Study Plans


Bundle all 6 exams for 50% off

  • ALL 6 divisions study plans
  • Customizable digital study planner
  • USP Course: 3 learning modules where you'll discover the most effective study process
  • Exclusive Bonuses
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If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Ultimate Study Plan, all you have to do is let us know within the first 14-days and we'll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

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I'm Bryn Young

After struggling to get through the Architect Registration Exam (ARE 5.0), I decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to conquer the exams and become a licensed architect turned into a system that has helped hundreds of "architects in training" confidently show up and pass their exams! 

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you to become licensed architects. I’ll show you how to study effectively, create a plan that works, and enjoy the journey to licensure.